(chastened star) Amy Correia “You Go Your Way” (English Version)

In 2012 Amy Correia was one of the contestants in the singer-songwriter festival in the USA, who really caught the eye. She received three nominations deservedly. Correia’s voice is close to that of the late Janis Joplin. But we also have to mention the less famous Karen Dalton, because Correia seems to take especially her manner of singing – the dryness in her voice – from her. Of course both comparisons are incomplete, but the music enthusiasts and experts now at least know what they can count on. The songs are executed richly, with solemn strings, such as cello and violin and sometimes they grow to a chamber orchestra. But the folk- and Americana- feeling predominates, when we hear the banjo and acoustic guitar as beautiful ingredients of the orchestration. The album opens on the other hand with a very fine piano song: ‘You Go Your Way’.
Because Correia plays multiple instruments herself, she is probably so abundant with the accompaniment. It makes the album very diversified and it triggers beautiful times and memories.
The song ‘Love Changes Everything’ received one of the nominations at the Independent Music Awards and that is no surprise, when you listen to this extremely warm and entertaining song. The power of love is sung about in a very entertaining way, supported by strings, banjo and acoustic accompaniment. A lovely choir sings as the cherry on the pie.
While ‘Took Him Away’ takes you with its blower ensemble one moment to a Big Band from the Twenties or Thirties, at another moment it throws you back into the present time. It is like a ghost of the years, that now and again moves through the song, without really taking the upper hand.
In ‘Rock, Tree, River’ Correia manages to tie together in a very tasteful and impressive way loneliness, love and longing. She packages it in a composition, which draws you into the song, even when you listen to it carelessly.
With “You Go Your Way” Correia has shown her third proof of competence, that more than delivers a promise and sets the standard very high for the future. She has towed in a score of at least four stars right away.

(Translation by Jacqueline Dalinghaus)

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