(Successful artistic symbiosis) Ginman / Eivor – The Color of Dark – English version from 8WEEKLY review

The cooperation between Lennart Ginman and Eivør goes back to the beginning of 2012. This inspired Ginman to write compositions with Eivør’s voice in mind. The mGinmanEivor_TheColorOfDark_gesigneerdore than successful artistic result can be heard on The Color of Dark.
The cover picture is a reminder of the Beauty and the Beast. A combination that was recently seen as well with Tarja Turunen & Mike Terrana, where a singer works wonderfully together with a drummer. And now the bass player Lennart Ginman takes up the challenge with Eivør Palsdottir of the Faroe Islands. A combination that has resulted in a brilliant album, floating between jazz and pop.

Movie sounds
The album The Color of Dark opens with ‘My Little Blue Star’ that sounds like the title song of the next as yet unknown James Bond movie. Not a total surprise once we read Ginman’s CV which shows that he has earned his due in the movies. Let this be a subtle suggestion for the Bond movie makers. Linman by the way dedicates this song to his father Mans Ginman.
‘The Sinner Or The Saint’ fans across the listener as a landscape in the fog that encloses and swallows the stroller. The pace is catching, the acoustic guitar play on a bed of synthesizer sounds and electronic rhythms is as comfortable as it is mysterious and it fits Eivør’ s voice perfectly. The composition could best be compared to a Yellow song with a ladies’ voice. Is this an idea for a next project?
Despite the obvious talent of Ginman to compose for Eivør’ s voice he has chosen the Billie Holliday song ‘Gloomy Sunday’ which together they bring to a new peak in the history of the song.

Inspiration for a top performance
The sense of Yellow continues when the first notes of ‘For Every Dream There Is A War’ are played. The tone that Ginman and Eivør have created for the music of The Color of Dark glides between the music of movies, pop, electronica and jazz. Luckily this is one of those albums you cannot label as only one of those. Eivør’ s voice blossoms in the firm compository earth laid out by Ginman. This sound wizard has listened very closely to what the singer from the Faroe Islands has done earlier in her solo career and lets that recur for example in the track ‘Son Of The Sin’ where we hear traces of earlier albums, such as Room – Eivør’ s latest solo album. Not so long ago this singer wrote a children’s book and added a CD with nursery rhymes she sang herself. Now she surprises us with a splendid album that can be placed – barely – in the progressive jazz genre. It exhibits the extend of the diversity within this talent of the Faroe Islands. Eivør is as special as the landscape of her motherland. Ginman was the catalyst for Eivør and in his turn was inspired by her to this top performance.

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